Winds of Winter Release Date


The Winds of Winter finally has an expected date from the mouth of George R.R. Martin. After the long awaited continuation of the Game of Thrones Series, will the means on the date begin to die off? Winds of Winter is now expected for a July 2020 release.


The date for this book has been speculated for years. But with the TV show series now at it’s end and the hunger for new Game of Thrones content starting to creep up again after the TV series finale, a perfect storm brews.

HBO is releasing a spin off of the Song of Ice and Fire series soon and in the meantime, it would make sense that George and HBO together continued this gravy train of cash for the both of them by scheduling the releases very carefully. Now it’s worth saying that the books take the priority here at but we can understand the business decisions that might be behind this release date.

With Winds of Winter on the radar of release once again, how close are we actually to finishing the series? Has George already been working on Dream of Spring? Be sure to check back here at to stay up to date on all things fantasy!