After Playing Dungeons and Dragons since middle school. I have enjoyed so many other fantasy related games and content that I decided to open a review site on products that I use or care about when it comes to fantasy related games and sometimes other genre games as well.

Dick Wizardry is also a reviews site for books in the fantasy genre. We review books from the Lord of the Rings series to the Wheel of Time series. We also review up and coming fantasy authors and their creations.

If that was not enough we also review movies here related to fantasy. I am talking any thing from sketch comedy to cinematic blockbusters. If it’s fantasy, there is a good chance that will have an opinion on it.

Finally, we try to stay up to date on news in the gaming and cinematography world for all this fantasy. Covering updates on TV shows, Movies, Games, and Books that recently had news develop so you can stay up to date on these things.

We hope you enjoy our content and find our opinions interesting and informative. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact us on the contact page and we will get to your message as soon as we are able.