Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Review

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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 and the finale to the Game of Thrones HBO series was an interesting mixed bag of things that have been expected from the show that come at the viewer in a lightning fast pace just to close the series out. Spoilers ahead!

The show spends a good portion of time with characters walking around and looking sad at things in the burnt city of Kings Landing. The visuals really try and reflect that the ash in the sky is falling like snow.

Danny’s speech to her unsullied and dothraki is noticeably in a language that Jon and Tyrion cannot understand. However, the tone does suggest to them that this is not the end. Very soon after her speech Tyrion casts aside the hand of the queen pin that he cared so much about in seasons past and is taken away for treason. What leads Tyrion to do this is when he finds his sister and brother down in the dungeons noticeably not crushed to bloody pulp from the keep falling down on them. Anyone who had seen the last episode should know what he would have found down there. The visual of Tyrion being sad just felt lazy and unnecessary to stretch run time of the final episode.

One thing that I did like was the conversation between Tyrion and Jon after Tyrion is taken away as a prisoner. It was probably be best dialog of the whole episode. Tyion seems more like his normal self and works to convince Jon to kill the Danny. Jon refuses.

Danny manages to get to the throne and actually touches it before being confronted by Jon. They kiss and Jon puts a knife in Danny’s heart killing her at the steps to the iron throne. Drogon somehow knows something went wrong and does not burn Jon to the ash upon finding his mom dead. Instead he takes out his anger on the throne melting it to slag. Then picks Danny up and flies away. This scene once again felt rushed, and for such an important character to be snuffed out so quickly was again poor writing.

Flash forward a couple months based on character beard growth. Jon is prisoner to Greyworm. Apparently he decided to tell Grey worm he killed the queen like an idiot. Tyion is brought before a council of lords and ladies in the same location they had met Cerci before when trying to get her to send aid north to fight the undead. So many of the characters in this scene have no reason being there aside from main character syndrome which is really evident here.

This is the biggest issue with the entire episode. Bran gets named king because he knows everything. Greyworm is ok with this even though Jon is from the north as well. Everyone votes to allow Bran to be king. Sansa does not vote and asks that the north become independent and Bran agrees. What the actual Drogon is going on here? Sansa just gets the north and none of the other nations have anything to say about it? Yara Greyjoy doesn’t care anymore that the Iron Islands that were promised to be independent now are once again to not be that way? She doesn’t throw an argument that if the North is free that the Iron Islands should be free? Same for Dorn? Who even is the Prince of Dorn right now? None of this would actually make any sense. not even a little bit to me. This is the whole reason there was a war of the 5 kings and no one minds that Bran is king, and the North is not apart of the kingdoms and that the Iron Islands is once again. Tyrion is made the hand again by Bran, I am ok with this since he has now been the hand for 2 other rulers.

Later, Tyion approaches Jon who is no longer prisoner as he has been sentenced to the knights watch. I also don’t have a problem with the knights watch still existing. But that means to me that the now 6 kingdoms sandwich the North. What business does the knights watch have in the north if they are an entity of the crown? The answer is none.

Jon says goodbye to his cousins Sansa, Arya and Bran in a Lord of the Rings like ending. Arya says she will travel west like she promised in the past seasons.

The scene then changes to Tyion meeting the new council of the king. Bron is master of coin for some reason. Samwell is the master for the small council for some reason even though he does not have the credentials other masters have. and Brianne is the caption of the kings guard.

Sam shows Tyion the book of a Song of Ice and Fire that was written about all the events and stated that Tyrion is not mentioned in it. Funny, but makes no sense when the Hand of now 3 rulers has no mentions. The brother of One ruler and the uncle of another. He was just too important to receive no mentions.

The final shots are of Sansa getting her crown in the north, Arya sailing west. and Jon arriving at castle black and being lead through the wall by Tormund and the wildings. He reunites with Ghost and gives him the pat everyone was waiting for and leaves the knights watch to be with the wildlings in the north.

The episode screams to be “rushed” and “lazy”. Was this series finale bad? Yes. Was it the worst series finale that I have ever seen? No. The direction the show was moving was suggesting at a faster paced conclusion. Really the end just left me feeling like, “well that was something to watch I guess.” I think I am more relieved that the story won’t continue onward with the show and get even worse. But I have seen worse endings. This did wrap up the show in a shadow of its former self.

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