Game of Thrones Final Season Starts Today


Everyone has been waiting for it and as winter ends; It arrives for HBO’s final season of Game of Thrones. The show can be watched live with an HBO subscription to your cable or satellite networks with the HBO channel. It can also be streamed at using the HBO Now and HBO Go services.

For those that have watched some of the past seasons of Game of Thrones using the HBO streaming services be warned. The influx of views does not appear to be something that HBO takes seriously in fixing for scaling viewers of the show at the same time leading to multiple weeks in the past of dropped streams for sometimes over an hour.

I recommend not using the internet until after seeing the episode as a way to make sure you don’t get spoilers as this season is to be the shortest season of them all. You can get HBO steaming service from HBO or add it to your prime video account like I did. If you want to try it on amazon click our affiliate link to get yourself set up. Some of you may even be eligible for a 7 day trial. By clicking the link here you are helping DickWizardry continue to operate and bring more content every week.

So who do you think will be the first two characters to dies this season? comment below and let us know and if you are right we will quote your comment in the episode review article slated for release tomorrow morning.