Dungeons & Dragons VS Rick and Morty Book


Wizards of the Coast announced a Rick and Morty VS Dungeons and dragons book that will be released Novermber 19th 2019. This lines up with the expected release date for the 4th Season of the show that was recently teased to start in November 2019.

The closest that Rick and Morty has come to to a Dungeons and Dragons release was the comic book series that has several issues behind it now. The comic book series went on for 4 issues. I wonder if the campaign will go off the comic book series or from any of the seasons materials. It could also be that the story will be completely unique. The book is suppose to be designed for up to 5 players and is for levels 1-3. This seems like it will be a pretty fun expansion. It’s priced at $29.99 and will be available for pre-order soon.

What are your thoughts on a Rick and Morty module for the show? How far do you think Adult Swim and Wizards of the Coast will take this?