Trudvang Legends Soars Past Kickstarter Goal


Trudvang Legends is one of the latest board games to grace Kickstarter. This is a fantasy board game based on Norse myths. There is no game master needed as these are all story-driven adventures. This game is based off the Trudvang Chronicles RPG.

The game is designed for 1-4 players who will play as heroes that must take on the forces of darkness. A scenarios book that is called the Book of Sagas along with the Legends system will allow the game to be played with no game master.

The game will come with miniatures including: 6 miniature heroes, 8 forest troll miniatures, 8 draugr miniatures, 4 bull troll miniatures , 4 garm miniatures, 1 logiwurm miniature, 1 frost giant miniature, 1 ogre miniature, 1 board map, 1 adventure board, 1 point of interest board, 4 hero dashboards, 4 counter bases, 4 rune bags, and over 450 cards of different uses. There are also a large amount of tokens that will come with the game as well. And of course we cannot forget the book of sagas that ties this all together. Finally we get 2 ship miniatures that resemble viking ships.

A basic early bird pledge to this KickStarter will get you Trudvang Legends the game, an exclusive hero, and all applicable stretch goals.

The game has already surpassed it’s goal of $200,000 as of July 23rd, 2019. At the time of writing this article, there remains 21 days left. stretch goals for this game reach out all the way to 710k at the time of this article. If you are interesting in backing this game visit:

Please check out the KickStarter campaign if you are interested yourself in a Norse based RPG. I would recommend looking into it especially if you have backed the Folklore board game that is receiving it’s expansion, you can find that here!

Be sure to check out their amazing content on YouTube like this:

What are your thoughts on this game? Have you backed it yourself? let us know below!