Magic the Gathering Animated Series


The Magic the Gathering animated series is currently in the works by the Russo brothers. During San Diego Comic-Con this year, They announced some initial details of what we can expect for this animated series that is coming to Netflix. Saying, “If you love Jace and Chandra, get excited”

Any Magic the Gathering player would be hard pressed to come up with two more iconic planes walkers to the franchise. Around what time these characters will be based on has yet to be revealed but we can assume that there will be more than just these two characters.

Since the series is animated, I almost wonder if what was done with the War of the Spark trailer released earlier this year is a concept of the animation style that the Russo brothers and Netflix is aiming for. Either way my interest is at an all time high. It will be amazing to see Magic the Gathering taking on a deeper story than it has in the past.

Wizards of the Coast seems to be all for this, their new block structure for the standard game tells much more of a story than blocks of the past. War of the Spark was a block that even received a novel. That block was the first novel released in several years.

With the amount of content that comes out for Wizards of the Coast, I think it’s safe to say that the writers will never be short content, I don’t think that they would want to retread recently released content but either push new content or tell a new story altogether with the show. With that being said, my hopes to see Ravnica fully realized would be crushed if they did anything else.

What are your thoughts on the Magic the Gathering series that is coming to Netflix? Where would you want the setting?