Talisman Adventures Play Test Guide at GenCon 2019


Fans of Talisman and Dungeons & Dragons rejoice, a Talisman RGP is now available for play testing. The game titled Talisman Adventures is a different take on the universe of Talisman that allows for players to write up characters in a race and choose their class. So what is all in the adventures? Lets dive in!

Attendees of GenCon 2019 have the chance to pick up a copy themselves. Currently online all purchase options for this play test guide are still on Pre-Order but we can expect to receive the product soon as it’s slated for release this month. You can pick up a copy yourself at the Miniature Market: https://www.miniaturemarket.com/peg47504e.html

The Talisman Adventures as of right now is being play tested. According to Pegasus Spiele the creator of this game:

The rulebook contains everything you need to play and run the game up to 3rd level. It has rules for character creation including 6 ancestries (elf, dwarf, human, ghoul, troll, and sprite) and 9 classes (assassin, druid, minstrel, priest, prophet, sorcerer, thief, warrior, and wizard). It also contains the core rules of play, 6 starting characters, and a starting adventure that details some of the more advanced rules for telling stories in the Realm of Talisman.

You can find more out on this by visiting their website at: https://www.pegasus.de/en/detailed-view/47504e-talisman-adventures-rpg-playtest-guide/

Though the full game may be far off yet. The ability to purchase this play test kit means it must be far enough along to charge money for it at GenCon. I will be curious as to if this will flesh out to be closer to a Folklore style RGP game play or more along the lines of the traditional Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons. Only time will tell.