Pathfinder Second Edition Has Arrived


Pathfinder Second edition is officially here as of August 2nd 2019. You can pick a copy of it up at your local gaming stores. So what all comes with the second edition book? Lets find out!


The core rule book contains 640 pages of character creation, encounters, exploration, treasure, magic alongside other things. Considered a combination of a Dungeon Masters guide and a players handbook all in one. Some of the races include: halfling, human, elf, dwarf, gnome, and goblin. The game is also set to have 12 character classes and dozens of character backgrounds. Game masters and players alike should pick up a copy of this book. The art are really well done and the layout of the book is very easy to understand.

Along side the core rule book comes the Pathfinder Bestiary. the book contains adventure inspiring lore and over 400 creatures. The book has an all new art design as well. Though this book is not a requirement in order to play the game, I feel that it’s worth picking up as it has so many other uses and the art inside is really well done.

Putting the two together it feels like we have a very real contender to the gorilla in the room. This edition shows improvements across the board that players of classic Pathfinder will come to enjoy. Pathfinder proves its place at the fantasy RPG table like never before and knocks it out of the park.

If you are interested in picking up your own copies of the game they are now available at your local gaming stores. You can also pick it up with our affiliate links below, it helps the site out and allows us to continue to bring content like this to you.

Happy gaming!