Folklore Fall of the Spire Expansion Surpasses Kickstarter Goal


Folklore: The Affliction is getting another expansion called “The Fall of the Spire after surpassing it’s Kickstarter goal! This marks the second expansion following the release of “Dark Tales”. The expansion is to come with several new characters and yes of course, more stories.

For those of you out there that do not know what this game is, Think Dungeons and Dragons having a love child with Talisman 4th Edition Revised. I would not say that this games pushes the lines of Grimdark fantasy but there is a tone to the game that is darker than your average fantasy RPG. I am super excited that this game is getting a new expansion so let’s take a look at what is all coming along with this new release.

This game will come with 4 new characters: The Gentleman, the Huntress, The Viper maiden, and the Warlord. The game will also come with 6 new stories.


If you ever wanted to play a game like dungeons and dragons but as not have someone slave over being a dungeon master and really experience a story that is unknown to everyone, this is the game to do it. The game based off of the kickstarter arrival date is slated for December 2020. This is a long way off but for players that are just now hearing of this game, it gives everyone the opportunity to play through the large amount of content that this game already has as well as the expansion that already exists. Perhaps going through the story as a different character is something worth doing after this announcement.

So have you heard of Folklore before today? Do you think that a game like this works well as a board game? Comment below and let me know. I will once again link to their kickstarter campaign here if you are interested in picking up this game. I will also include an amazon affiliate link to the base game if you are wanting to dive into the world of Folklore for yourself. Using our amazon link helps keep articles flowing and keeping the website up so we can continue to review and cover new things!

If you are looking for more information of the base game to see what you would be in for by getting this game the Dice Tower has a fantastic video on you tube that really articulates how this game actually plays in a relatively short amount of time.