Gloom Of Thrones Heading to Kickstarter in April

Did you ever get the chance to play the game gloom before? If not perhaps now may be a good time to support the game developers as they are about to start their Kickstarter campaign for Gloom of Thrones. Themed to match the release of the final season of game of thrones.


This game comes with it’s pokes and jabs at the Game of Thrones universe with closely related family names like the Snarks and the Bannisters. Players of gloom will see that this game is produced very similar to the base game and it’s expansions. The goal of this game is to have the most tragic ending for your family you are playing as. This always leads to a good time. The cards are translucent and are played onto of each other growing the story of these families over time throughout the game.

This particular version of the game will be a standalone game and will not require the base game to play. If you are interested to know when this goes live on Kickstarter you can subscribe to their mailing list here.