Talisman 4th Edition Revised Reprints in 2019


Talisman players rejoice! Reprints are on the way from Pegasus Spiele! After months of speculation here at DickWizardry.com including several articles making guesses as the the game plan for the future of Talisman it appears that Talisman 4th Edition Revised is indeed entering another reprint.

If fact this news is so official right now that the SKU’s are available and up for pre order! The listings show that they will be reprinting all sets that were not print on demand sets. I personally have gone through and completed my collection.

The release date is still to be determined but we can assume that these reprints will be available around or slightly before the release of the Kingdom Hearts and Batman editions of the games. I would not be surprised if these start showing up in game stores around June or July of this year. We will have to wait and see what the release date of these sets will be. It would be amazing they were printed even sooner then the Summer this year.


I am curious to if this means that we will get brand new expansions for the game now that the game is in full reprint mode. Will the incorporate Realm of Souls? (the digital exclusive). Will we see timescape release that to this day divides the community? Only time will tell but the door is officially open to potentially see some brand new expansions for 4th Edition Revised.

I will use the rest of this announcement to state that Dick Wizardry will continue working on the review and Character dives for Talisman that have been actively worked on over the past month. You can expect these reviews, lists, character dives all to be starting to release towards the end of this month. You can follow us on Pintrest to start receiving images of character and expansion sets as they are uploaded. Also follow us on twitter to keep up to date on new articles being released.

EDIT: April 11th 2019 - Talisman Island reports findings of Pegaus Spiele’s site with approximate release days and pricing. Check of their full article @ https://www.talismanisland.com/10312/english-and-german-talisman-reprints-slated-to-arrive-in-september-with-pricing/

EDIT: May 30th 2019 - Updated stats on the Talisman reprint found here: https://www.dickwizardry.com/articles/2019/5/29/everything-about-talisman-4th-edition-revised-reprint-2019