Everything About Talisman 4th Edition Revised Reprint 2019


I have noticed that there has been a lot of confusion in regards to the reprint that is coming around later this year for Talisman 4th Edition Revised. I wanted to do my best to compile sources and links out to information in regards to everything we know about the reprint so we can all be more excited about it and less confused. I will work to keep this post updated as new information comes out.

Who is Reprinting Talisman 4th Edition Revised?

Pegasus Spiele. They will be printing a German and English versions of the game.

Source: https://www.pegasus.de/en/detailed-view/56200e-talisman-revised-4th-edition/

Last Updated: 07-12-2019

What Sets Are Being Reprinted?

The information of the sets that are being reprinted is being pulled from the US Catalog from Pegasus Spiele for 2019 (pages 9-11) and includes the following sets:

  • Talisman: The Reaper Expansion

  • Talisman: The Dungeon Exansion

  • Talisman: The Frostmarch Expansion

  • Talisman: The Highland Expansion

  • Talisman: The Sacred Pool Expansion

  • Talisman: The Dragon Expansion

  • Talisman: The Blood Moon Expansion

  • Talisman: The City Expansion

  • Talisman: The Firelands Expansion

  • Talisman: The Woodlands Expansion

  • Talisman: The Harbinger Expansion

  • Talisman: The Cataclysm Expansion

  • Talisman: The Realms Expansion

For those keeping track that should be all the expansions including the print to demand Deep Realm.

Source: https://www.pegasus.de/en/publisher/service/catalogue/

Last Updated: 07-12-2019


Can Someone Please Explain Nether and Deep Realms?

Nether Realm and Deep Realms is said to be released in one set called “The Lost Realms”. This is set to release at the September date as well.

To use the The Lost Realms expansion, you need the Talisman base game as well as both The Dungeon and The City expansions.

Source: https://www.pegasus.de/en/detailed-view/56213e-talisman-the-lost-realms-expansion/

Last Updated: 07-12-2019

When Can I Get My Hands On The Reprint?

There have been conflicting reports on when these sets will actually be released. We can expect sometime around September 2019 for the english version based on the Pegasus Spiele Website when looking further into these product pages. There is some confusion to older site entries currently that are dated for November 2019 like the Firelands Expansion. But it seems as the images of the sets with the correct company logo on them that the date is correcting to September.

Several weeks ago https://www.coolstuffinc.com/p/274536 updated the Pre Order Notes and removed the May/June timeline. This further aligns with the September 2019 release.

Pegasus Spiele is also currently running a contest where the winner can win a copy of the reprint base game and that can be found here! This will run to August 31st 2019. Quite fitting seeing the new expected arrival time over in Europe is August. The English version still appears to be sitting at September 2019.

Source: https://www.pegasus.de/en/detailed-view/56200e-talisman-revised-4th-edition/

Last Updated: 07-12-2019

Are There Pre-Order Options And Where?

Here are several vendors that are accepting pre-orders for the game. Please note that their expected release dates are subject to change and will most likely line up with Pegasus Spiele’s estimated release time.

Last Updated: 06-22-2019


So we know Talisman is on it’s way after Pegasus Spiele received the license from Games workshop. We know the prices for the games at MSRP and we have an approximate release date of September 2019. We know that they are reprinting all the sets. When we start to hear more and get more solid dates, I will be sure to update here with that information. Until that time, enjoy what you have for Talisman already and get ready for the coming storm of Talisman related content here at DickWizardry.com.

A quick plug to Talisman Island who has been keeping people up to date on all this Talisman and the awesome community that is coming back to life for this game. Support the game by visiting: https://www.talismanisland.com/ They do an incredible job with their coverage on all things Talisman including the spin off game Relic, and the new Talisman Adventures game.