New Ghosts of Saltmarsh Dungeons and Dragons


Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons and Dragons have announced a new campaign series book similar to the release of the Tales of the Yawning Portal called Ghosts of Saltmarsh. This book is expected to be released on May 21st 2019. This book will be accessible for players level 1-12. This book will contain some popular adventures including:

  • The Sinister Secret of  Saltmarsh

  • Danger at Dunwater

  • The Final Enemy

  • Salvage Operation

  • Isle of the Abbey

  • Tammeraut’s Fate

  • The Styes

In the recent Dragon Talk Podcast “Ghosts of Saltmarsh & Random Character Generator” Greg Tito and Shelly Mazzanoble interviewed Kate Welch on the new book. In the podcast we learned that “project yippy” which would become the new campaign book started development around the time final work was being done for Tomb of Foes. One of their goals was to expand of playing Dungeons and Dragons in the sea like underwater adventures. They also blew up the detail on Saltmarsh to allow it to be a city that can be dropped into any campaigns.


Some of the hooks of Saltmarsh that Kate said was that Saltmarsh is a very seedy place with crime bosses, smuggling and other sea ferrying criminals. She also mentioned a cool boat in one of the adventures which could potentially be a ghost ship or have a ghost crew as the ship helped inspire the name to the campaign.

As someone who really enjoyed the Tales from the Yawning Portal. I am really excited that they decided to do a similar release in a radically different flavor of nautical adventures. I have also been craving some more resources to do sea based campaigns and get ideas that can be used in my homebew games and this book will really help me accomplish this. When working on building a full scale world in D&D, having sea rules for combat are important due to the time my characters will spend at sea getting from one major country to the next on different continents.

This book will retail for $49.95 and can be pre-ordered here for 40% off at only 29.95! Get it while it’s on sale!

What are your thoughts on this upcoming release? Have you already played any of the campaigns that will be in this book?


Dragon Talk - 03-07-2019