The Witcher Official Teaser

Netflix has given us a teaser for the Witcher series that will be coming to their streaming platform this year. On July 19th 2019 a teaser for season 1 was dropped on Youtube that gives us our first looks at the direction that the series intends to head and the overall feel of the show.

July 19th was also the San Diego Comic-Con panel in which actor Henry Cavill was in attendance. The panel presented a short teaser trailer followed by 3 clips from the show and at the end dropped the main trailer that we are seeing on YouTube now.


The trailer is looking very good. Henry Cavill looks fantastic as the witcher. The cinematography is looking pretty good. The lighting looks really good. The magic effects also look really well done. The scenery in the trailer look really cool


The teaser also shows several monsters that are not very well seen except toward the end. They show a lot of action sequences in the trailer and they look pretty good. I will be excited to see some full battles against some of the monsters and other factions in the show. It looks like Netflix does not plan to hold back on some violence. In one shot of the show we see the aftermath of some monster attack that has several bodies that are in 2 with streaks of blood and gore across the snow. If Netflix is able to balance these fighting scenes well with the drama scenes then I think we are in for a really good time.

Remember that this series will be taking place from the books which means that these events will be happening before the games that most people who have been introduced to the witcher are familiar with.


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