His Dark Materials Trailer Comic-Con 2019

HBO and BBC dropped a trailer for His Dark Materials at Comic-Con this year and it looks pretty fantastic. Many familiar with the movie The Golden Compass released back in December of 2007 may be excited for this full fledged series to be released from HBO and BBC based on Philip Pullmans trilogy.


HBO did give us a trailer several months ago on this series. There are several scenes that are almost copy pasted into this trailer that is almost twice the duration. We get to see more of Dafne Keen who is playing the role of Lyra Belacqua. One of her most notable roles so far was as Laura. James Mcavoy will be playing Lord Asriel. He was featured in this trailer significantly more than in the initial teaser from earlier this year.

His Dark Materials appears to give the viewers a less watered down take on the book the the previously mentioned movie had done in the past. The setting is in a world controlled by a church. The story begins when Lyra’s best friend and other children start to go missing.

The show is to be released later this year around the fall so it will be competing against the Witcher that is slated for only a couple months from now. The BBC and HBO do have confidence in this show however since they have already green lit a season 2.

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