Crazy Talisman Batman Super Villain Edition

Talisman under USAopoly is releasing a Batman licensed version of the game. Is it a match made in heaven or something cooked up due to odd license agreements to attempt to profit off name value on store shelves? Personally I feel that the announcement of Talisman Batman Super Villain Edition is very odd. It really takes away from the high fantasy version of the game that has existed before and even was carried over with the idea of the Kingdom Hearts Edition.


With these two releases now on there way, I think it’s safe to say that 4th Edition Revised is less and less likely with each passing announcement.

It appears that this version of the game will have players acting as the villains to the game. There does appear to be a Batman figure so that could potentially be a player as well but I am more included to believe that he will be a werewolf or reaper type character in the game attempting to catch the players.

The cards are a different size for player cards, but everything else seems to be relatively the same. The space sizing of the board suggests the board will roughly be the same size as the original Talisman 4th Edition Revised game. The silver coins appear to be fate tokens and it appears that the molds for the coins are being recycled for this edition. I would not be surprised if the Kingdom hearts edition follows that re-usability as well.

The base of the batman character appears to be different from what we have seen on the Talisman miniatures. It looks thinner. Hopefully this does not mean a drop in quality of plastic.

Only time will tell what this means for the live of Talisman but the name appears to be branching out in a way that will not require the expansion support like a base game would leading to a shorter life cycle and clearing the way for a 5th Edition game while they test out new mechanics.

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