Talisman Base Game Entering Reprint 2019


Talisman Island reported that the game maker Pegasus Spiele, the current company that has received the rights from Games Workshop to use the Talisman license, has intentions to reprint 4th Edition Revised in 2019. For the full article on Talisman Island please go to: https://talismanisland.com/9996/talisman-revised-4th-edition-reprint-on-the-way/

With news that the 4th Edition revised game is not completely dead in the water at this time the hopes of all talisman enthusiasts have begun to rise again. Overall the handling of the property by Games Workshop with the now 3rd company to be working on this edition left the chances of more 4th Edition Revised very low. Some would say that this is still a hope, but a step in the right direction for players itching to get their hands on the game as well as a signal that the expensive deletion of expansion copies on the market may receive care package of copies to the total print runs.

So far aside from the base game we have seen the reprinting of the Harbinger, Blood Moon, The Dragon, The Dungeon, Reaper, Woodlands and City expansions for them game. If Pegasus Spiele does intend to re-print more copies of 4th Edition Revised we can speculate that additional expansions will be added to this print run again. So what expansions are likely to be reprinted?

At this point my own personal wish list will come into play as my existing expansions mostly consist of the already reprinted content. I think it would be safe to say that we may see the reaper expansion enter a secondary reprint stage to follow suit with the base game as it is still one of the most popular expansions and its price as quickly skyrocketed yet again since the ceasing of printing.

I would predict a reprint of the highlands as it did not make the reprint cut in the last set of re releases. This would allow any players that have been picking up copies of the game to complete their board if they were a part of the last reprint run or the original print run.

I am skeptical that a reprint of cataclysm would be coming as it does release the main board that did go back into reprint and can still be purchased for a decent price today. I would more likely lean to the reprinting of the city again or the dungeon set again. Regardless, I would personally love to see them reprint the cataclysm so I can pick up my copy of it. (Selfish I know!)

Based on the reprinting of the last sets, I think there would be room for two more smaller expansions and I think especially in an unrelated release of the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones that we could anticipate the Frostmarch and the Firelands expansions to be reprinted.

Once again this is all speculation and could be completely false, only time will tell! Perhaps we could see releases of some of the still ongoing digital content that is coming out that the board game never got the chance to receive like the upcoming Realm of Souls. Or we could see completely new content to accompany the game release. Regardless, I cannot see a release of the 4th Edition Revised again being successful without more content to back it up.

What expansions do you want to see coming with the reprint for Talisman 4th Edition Revised? How do you think Games Workshop and Pegasus Spiele will be handling a reprint run along with the other game properties coming out under the name Talisman. If you are interested in Talisman and want to get ready for a reprint run, please help support DickWizardry.com by purchasing the game with the affiliate link! Otherwise, if you are able to find the game in stores still support your local game stores!

EDIT: April 11th 2019 - Talisman Island reports findings of Pegaus Spiele’s site with approximate release days and pricing. Check of their full article @ https://www.talismanisland.com/10312/english-and-german-talisman-reprints-slated-to-arrive-in-september-with-pricing/