Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Druid Spell Deck Review

The Dungeons and Dragons Druid Spell Deck is another large spell deck in the D& 5th edition series of character spells. I personally have never played a druid but I have DM’d many games where druids have had extensive spell books. This deck contains 131 durable, laminate cards. It ranges from level 1 to 9.

Last week these cards were broken open to verify a spell rule at our table. One thing that is really nice about these cards is that they are clear in what they are saying. Racing to find the spell in the unprepared deck was faster than trying to find the spell in the player's handbook as well. It took minimal time which further shows that these decks are a good thing to have as a player with that class.

If you are running utilizing D&D Beyond, I don’t think these cards are necessary to have as purchasing a players handbook will make searching for the spells really easy with that system. All other cases I think that getting these decks for your character is a must have. You can check out our review on the Ranger spellbook here.

A nice feature that these cards have is that they take dry erase markers nicely. unless text is being amended to the cards though a normal dry erase marker doesn’t really allow for easy reading on the card and some spells are filling nearly all of the spell description slot of the card itself.

Dungeons & Dragons Druid Spell Deck Quality


The quality of the cards are very good, they are durable, but a hard bend on the cards could lead to a crease in them and that will defeat the ability to use a dry erase marker on them as the lamination will crack with the card. they seem to be more flimsy than a magic the gathering card, most likely a basic card stock with lamination on both sides of the card.

There is not much to say on the art of the card. all the art is on the back and it’s a basic druid symbol with the spell level on the back. The front contains the usual sections depicting everything the card is and does.

These cards will let the player know the casting time, the range of the spell and the components needed to cast the spell as well as the duration of the spell. Underneath all that information will show the materials if needed. and the description of the spell including the dice that are required.

Some spells have an upgrade if it’s being cast from a higher level spell slot. That will appear underneath the description in it’s own section labeled at higher levels.

Is The Druid Spell Deck for 5th Edition Worth it?

Overall this is a good deck to have if playing as a druid. unlike a ranger and it’s spell deck that was reviewed last week, I feel that this class is more likely to get extensive use out of this deck. Rangers don’t have that many spells to begin with but this deck is nearly the size of the arcane deck. regardless this is a valuable addition to your Dungeons and Dragons collection as a player character. Dungeon Masters will not get a whole lot of value out of getting this deck but it’s a crucial tool that saves everyone's time when it comes to Druids.