Adventures in Austerion Fully Funded on Kickstarter

Adventures in Austerion is a dungeon crawling game that unitizes dungeon tile map pieces to traverse the game and face challenges. As of writing this article the game has doubled it’s funding goal of $17,006 and is at $37,819.

For those of you that have played RuneScape, this game highly reflects the dungeoneering skill where going from dungeon room to dungeon room means a new challenge from a puzzle to a door that needs to be picked. The game will come with a game master screen or DM screen for those familiar with Dungeons and Dragons, 16 character sheets with 6 of them being generated characters so the empty sheets allow for copying and printing new.

The game will also come with a 24 page rule book and a 48 page adventure book that includes 4 scenarios. The tiles that come with the game are double sided. you will get 18 in total for 36 different map types. Instead of miniatures this game has elected to use cutout models for characters and enemies. The game will also come with a 54 card deck, 10 catastrophe corks which are plastic markers. and 3, 6 sided dice that are used as the engine of deciding for this game.

This game will be able to handle 1-5 players and will take 2-3 hours to complete.

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