New Acquisitions Inc. Dungeons and Dragons Book


Acquisitions Inc. fans will be getting a brand new source book from Wizards of the Coast in 2019! This will be fitting into the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition version. Wizards of the Coast is working with Penny Arcade to produce this book. Some may be asking what is Acquisitions Inc?

This source book is based off the adventures of Penny Arcade’s Jerry Holkins. He with his friends play campaign lead by the Dungeon Master Jerry Crawford. They have been playing on stage at PAX conventions around the country. They have been playing the campaign for over a decade now. The theme is a comical fantasy super hero game.

The book is set to contain 224 pages of options to make the game play like the Acquisitions Inc. campaign. Players will start up their own company in the forgotten realms where they will go about completing quests. Dungeon masters in this campaign are encouraged to let players get away with anything that sounds awesome.

The book will also come with an adventure module there is little known yet about what will be in this specific adventure module, but if you follow Acquisitions Inc. and their sessions one can get the idea of what this module should end up playing like.

D&D Acquisitions Incorporated will be in stores right as we head into Summer on June 18th and will be a great laid back time for your D&D group to sit around and just have some fun with the game. The book can be pre-ordered here on Amazon.