Bloodborne The Board Game Fully Funded on Kickstarter

Bloodborne is getting it’s board game after an unsurprising success over on Kickstarter where at the time of writing this article they sit at over 1.6 million dollars over 18 thousand backers, surpassing their goal of only $200,000. The game is designed and being published by CMON based out of Alpharetta, GA. You may have heard of them with other games like Zombicide or Rum and Bones.

One thing that really sets this game apart to me is the modular board tiles that the miniatures will move around on and fight monsters. There will be 4 different campaigns to pick from each comprising of 3 chapters that will change how the enemies play in the game. The combat is different in this game choosing a card drawing based combat system on your character sheet over a dice rolling mechanic which I find unique. The designers choose this method as a way to reduce luck and increase strategy.

The game has a hunting tacker that appears to set off a campaign event or main boss to the game. The game is designed for 1 to 4 players making this a good game to be able to play by yourself if you feel like it. game play is estimated for 60 to 90 minutes however the first few times through I could see this taking a few more hours as the concept is simple but the customization will take getting used to.

The miniatures look fantastic for this game. though they all appear to be renderings of the mini’s if the details stay close to the renderings the game might just be worth it for the mini’s alone.

The Kickstarter has many videos that will help give backers the idea of how this game will potentially play and are well produced and worth the watch. As the funding continues onward for the game more and more content is being added for Kickstarter exclusives so now may be the time to jump on this game if it interests you. Check out the Kickstarter yourself using our source link below. Backing will continue until May 14th 2019 and is set to complete at 8:00 PM CDT.