Zombie Dice Review

Evade the blast of a shotgun and eat all the brains that you can, Zombie Dice is a fast paced dice game that is super easy to pick up and play with minimal understanding of the rules. The game has a loose theme where the players play as zombies attempting to eat as many brains as they can without getting blown up by shotgun blasts.


The game comes with 13 dice, a cup that is used to shake the dice in and store them when not playing along with a rule book. The rules are pretty simple. Each player takes their turn pulling 3 random dice without looking and rolling them. If the die is a brain it’s kept if it’s a shotgun blast it’s kept as well. If the player rolls a footstep on the dice, they keep that die to re roll while replacing the dice that were either shotgun blasts or brains so the player will roll 3 once again. If the player were to roll 3 shotgun blasts they lose all their brains for that turn. A player can at any time stop rolling and as long as they have not rolled 3 shotgun blasts, they get to keep their brains.

The first player to 13 brains activates the last round where all the players have one last chance to beat the amount of brains the leader who activated the final round has.

This is where the strategies of this game come in. as the lead player, does it make sense to stop at 12 brains, and then try and collect as many over 13 as possible making it harder to be beaten? Or just go over 13 and and see if no one will be able to beat the leader.

The dice come in 3 colors, green, yellow, and red. These dice show the amount of Shotgun blasts on the 6 sided dice. Green being the least likely to roll a shotgun blast, red being the most likely to roll a shotgun blast and yellow being the middle ground. Because of this, more strategy comes into the game measuring the difficulty of the remaining dice that allows for a more likely or less likely roll to gain or lose brains for the turn.

And that is really all there is to this game, It plays like Farkle but is faster, and even easier to understand. These games usually last around 10 minutes each so they are really fast paced, I find that this is a good game to bring out on a break at work or at a party when warming up to other games.

This game has 2 expansions the first being the Zombie Dice 2 which contains 3 new dice. A Santa gift die that has special sides like the ability to handle 4 shotgun blasts instead of 3 for the turn, or all feet become brains. A double die that allows for two shotgun blasts or two brains. And a pink die that has more feet sides than shotgun and brains. this is probably the expansion that I would recommend out of the two expansions as it’s still easy to understand and fixes any feeling of the game being stale for a few games, especially cause the ice can be interchanged out at any time or just added to the 13 from the base set.

The 3rd expansion is the bus expansion with a large die that contains more variables like combinations of brains and shotgun blasts. It also has a bunch of tokens that are used. I don’t have much to say on this expansion other than it really adds a different feel to the game. I have played it once personally.

These can be purchased as a bundle called the horde edition. I would actually recommend this edition of the game cause it’s a pretty good deal to get all the expansions right away. But if you are just interested in a fast paced game, the vanilla game is just as enjoyable to bring out a few times a year. There is not much more to say about it. At the end of the day the game is a dice game that has a fun little twist to it theme wise that can be really enjoyable from 3 to 8 players. More players than that and the pace starts to suffer in this game.

Rating: 6-10 Good as a party game or a game to play when there is not a bunch of time to play other longer games. Or want a fast paced game.